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Introduction: In the classic sci-fi movie “Back to the Future”, many cutting-edge technologies were like renewable energy application, self-driving cars, smart robots, new kinds of image technology, VR devices, biometric technology were vividly shown as if the director himself had precisely predicted the world in the future 30 years. The development of technology evolves rapidly, and astonishing smart life as well. Perhaps one day all the affairs of our daily life can be solved with the single move of the fingers, and such cutting-edge industrial revolution is actually happening! Applying the information of the new generation sufficiently into each industries as well as men with technologies, under the industrial revolution propelled by IoT, big data and cloud platform comes the birth of “Smart City”. Integrating IoT with cloud calculating by mobile devices and applying them to the fields like logistics, finance, healthcare, recreation, surveillance and traffic transportation have brought more well-beings and convenience to people.


Have you ever imagined all the daily life needs from food, clothing, dwelling, transporting, to recreation can be satisfied with the mobile phones? The utilization of smart city is boosting; and the smart city with human factors and the smart life that has better connection with people are becoming wiser! In the early stage, each person shall hand out the boarding pass and manage the check in at the counters in advance then wait for the clearance. Nowadays, all you need to do is scanning the barcodes and walk toward the boarding gates elegantly, which saves lots of waiting times. And with the use of a piece of light Electronic stored value card systems like EasyCard or iPASS, the goods can be bought, the toll can be collected and the bikes can be rented with a sound of “Beep”, all these are the fulfillment of technological vision of mobile payment via application of micro-commerce. The service of “preventive medicine” is provided via electronic medical records and data analysis to achieve perfect smart health care. People’s quality of life is raised and the suggestions of doctors or health consultants can be accessed via cloud personal health data even without going to hospitals.


The cases of smart city service promoting are not limited to what have been mentioned above, the imagination of future life is limitless no matter for current or future possible technologies. With the maturation of constructing 4G width band and IT technology, the map of smart city can be completed by sequentially optimizing various procedures of the city.



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