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Case studies: Smart City Taiwan

Smart City Taiwan – Using smart tech to deliver governance solutions

Air pollution is a major health concern in large cities across Taiwan, with many cities frequently registering in the “red zone”, indicating unhealthy air quality. However, it has been difficult for the authorities to collect evidence against businesses that break environmental laws. Collecting evidence is difficult as air pollution changes rapidly: it is estimated that in only 10 per cent of reported cases do inspectors arrive at the pollution source within 30 minutes.


Smart City Taiwan – Harnessing the power of smart tech to deliver healthcare solutions

The lack of access to eye healthcare is a significant issue in remote areas of Taiwan, where it can be difficult to set up temporary testing sites and equipment. Citizens residing in these regions are also deemed less likely to seek medical care. Almost half of the 29 administrative districts in the New Taipei City principality do not contain eye clinics.


Smart City Taiwan – Embracing smart tech to transform Taiwan’s agricultural sector

The livelihoods of Taiwanese fish farmers are under constant threat from extreme weather and natural disasters, particularly around harvest time. Meanwhile, there is growing concern among the wider general public about food production environments and the risk of contaminated food.


Smart City Taiwan – Taiwan embraces the 5G era, delivering smart solutions to sports stadiums and factories

One area where 5G is having a transformative impact is on factories, where the technology can be used to transform industrial controls and automation. In Taiwanese factories modern production lines are expected to be highly flexible to support, for example, low volume runs and use of an increasingly diverse range of materials. This has led to rising labour costs due to the necessity of frequent manual inspections.


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