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UfiSpace, IP Infusion joined Taiwan Mobile to discuss DCSG as the game changer in 5G era

UfiSpace, IP Infusion joined Taiwan Mobile to discuss DCSG as the game changer in 5G era

At Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022, Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau, an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs that oversees Taiwan’s 5G development, released a virtual panel featuring Taiwan Mobile, a leader in innovative telecom services in Taiwan, UfiSpace, a leading white-box solutions provider and their software partner, IP Infusion to discuss the benefits and challenges of open network solutions such as disaggregated cell site gateways (DCSG).

New opportunities for win-win situation

Open and disaggregated solutions offer the opportunity to free operators from proprietary lock-in, flexibility and economies of scale for 5G network rollouts. As Jang-Hwa Leu, Director General, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan shared in the opening, there are already many proven track records of Taiwan's ICT industry offering their white-box servers and switches to world-leading companies in datacenters. There are also similar tractions in DCSG in the 5G era.

Jang-Hwa Leu, Director General, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan

According to Rishi Narain, Lead Technical Marketing Engineer, IP Infusion, DCSG solutions can save up to 70 percent in CapEx and OpEx compared to traditional tier-one solutions. Moreover, there is a lot of drive towards innovation given that it is based on open architecture where expertise from the open communities can be leveraged.

Charles Liang, Department Manager of Taiwan Mobile also shared that given the benefits of DCSG with open specification, Taiwan Mobile is actively evaluating and testing. From a telecom operator’s point of view, they can provide input to the problems encountered in the existing library test or small scale tests to the equipment for equipment improvement and optimization. 

Open network communities to help accelerate success for all

To help advance global development of 5G Open Networking, Taiwan has joined forces with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to establish a TIP Community Lab in Taiwan. This is a place where solution providers can test mature products and solutions in an end-to-end environment against requirements from telecom operators. Ultimately, the goal is to help accelerate the development and deployment of connectivity technology globally.

Speaking from first-hand deployment experience with their Network OS solution partner, IP Infusion, Ray Chang, R&D Director, UfiSpace shared that with disaggregation, it opens up the market to everyone - from hardware, software to system integrator. In particular, through sharing their design with the community, UfiSpace and partners are able to engage telecom operators to discuss and provide feedback on those requirements for optimized results.

As Aseem Rai, Technical Architect, IP Infusion shared, while TIP Community Labs enable interoperability testing, the badging system can also be very helpful to operators to assess how mature the system is. It in turn can be beneficial to the ecosystem so as to help vendors really develop the right solution set for various operators.

The panelists also discussed specific requirements from telecom operators, the current challenges of developing DCSG solutions, as well as how open networking advocates such as Telecom Infra Project can benefit the ecosystem. To view the full session on "DCSG, THE GAME CHANGER IN 5G ERA," please see here.


About Industrial Development Bureau (IDB)

Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) is the administrative agency of the Ministry of   Economic Affairs, Taiwan. IDB serves the role to formulate industrial policies, and to oversee various industries including metal & mechanical, information technology, consumer goods & chemical, knowledge services, as well as sustainable development in Taiwan. In the past years, IDB has also been strongly supportive of the Taiwan Pavilion at global trade shows (such as MWC Barcelona), and for Taiwan's vendors to demonstrate the capabilities of Taiwan ICT supply chain in the global marketplace.



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