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Towards a 5G Future - 2019 World Telecom Smart City Conference

2019 World Telecom Smart City Conference

Building Smart City has become an important trend globally. In the past, telecom operators were already crucial partners in terms of city infrastructure. With IoT becoming basic communication facilities in every city, the role of telecom operators cannot be overemphasized in smart city development.

The World Telecom Smart City Conference has thus been one of the highlights in the Smart City Summit & Expo every year, where most renowned operators are invited to share their experience in the construction of smart cities.

The technology of 5G Mobile Networks will gradually expand the implementation in cities and global business by 2020, in which Connected Cars and Artificial Intelligence will also be integrated, contributing to a rapid market development. In response to such transformation, 2019 World Telecom Smart City Conference will be conducted under these themes: “Towards A 5G Future;” “Case Studies of Smart City Innovation;” “Smart City for A Better Tomorrow.” The rich exchange of all innovations generates strong force that fosters the development of smart cities.

This is a growing network where diverse opportunities are inspired. We are now calling for telecom operators and experts alike to join us at Smart City Summit & Expo 2019.


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Date: (Thursday) 28 March 2019 

Venue: Conference Room 504AB, Nangang Exhibition Center


08:30-09:00  Registration

09:00-09:10  Welcome Remarks

09:10-09:30  5G in The United Kingdom

Dr. Mike Short CBE, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Trade, UK

09:30-09:50  Bring 5G Experience to Life

Dr. Minsky Luo, AT&T Services Inc.

09:50-10:20  Creating a 5G New Life

Takeuhci Ysutomo, Group Leader, IoT Business Department Division, KDDI

10:20-10:40  Break & Networking

10:40-11:00  5G’s Role for Tomorrow’s Smart City

Dann Yao, CTO, Ericsson Taiwan

11:00-12:00  Panel Discussion: The Position & Business Strategies of MNOs in The 5G Era

Moderator: Dr. Yi-Bing Lin, Vice Chancellor of NCTU


• Dr. Mike Short CBE, Department for International Trade, UK

• Takeuhci Ysutomo, KDDI

• Dr. Minsky Luo, AT&T

• Dann Yao, CTO, Ericsson Taiwan

13:30-13:50  Digital Service Enabler – Toward The 5G Era

Dr. Lo, Kuen-Rong, Managing Director, Internet of Things Lab., Telecommunication Laboratories, Chunghwa Telecom

13:50-14:10  How Will the Advent of 5G Shape Future Communities

ST Liew, Vice President and President of Qualcomm Taiwan

14:10-14:30  Making 5G a Commercial Reality

Jun-Young Shin, Director of Global Partnerships, LG U+

14:30-15:00  Break & Networking

15:00-15:20  Helping Taiwanese Manufacturers Launch Smart & Connected Solutions for The North American Market with Verizon 5G and IoT Services

James Lee, Emerging Technologies Consultant, Verizon

15:20-15:40  Unleashing The Potential of 5G

Nigel Chan, Head of Technology, Taiwan/HK/Macau, NOKIA

15:40-16:40  Panel Discussion: The Challenges & Opportunities of MNOs in The 5G Era

Moderator: Dr. Yennun Huang, Chairman of AIoT


• Dr. Lo, Kuen-Rong, Chunghwa Telecom

• Jun-Young Shin, LG U+

• James Lee, Verizon

Nigel Chan, Head of Technology, Taiwan/HK/Macau, NOKIA

16:40     End of Program 











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